Hok-SI-La Municipal Park and Campground

Hok-Si-La COVID-19 Pandemic Operations Plan

Updated November 20, 2020 

Park is taking reservations for 2021 season.

Three outhouses are open.  One in north end by campsite A13, one across from sleeping cabins in south end and one at boat landing.   Carry hand sanitizer and plenty of water when visiting.  Check Water Safety Page.  Water is turned off and ready for winter.

Playground is open.  It is not sanitized.  Play at your own risk and clean hands with sanitizer after playing on equipment.  

Grounds, trails, playground, picnic area & beach are open from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. Picnic tables & garbage containers are not sanitized.

Hok-Si-La is actively monitoring evolving public health guidance from local, federal, and state agencies and setting policy accordingly. Pandemic-related policy is intended to enable citizens to continue to use park in a manner that will not contribute to increased disease transmission.

1. Hok-Si-La pandemic policies are offered as guidelines to be followed voluntarily. Park users are expected to make responsible choices to utilize parks and trails in a manner that will minimize the risk of disease transmission.

Park users should follow the same general rules of thumb for disease prevention at all times:

· Maintain minimum six-foot social distance· Do not congregate in large groups

· Minimize contact with high-touch surfaces such as benches, tables, and trash cans.

· Walk to nearby parks rather than driving to more distant park sites

· Refrain from using parks or trails if exhibiting symptoms

· Visit by yourself or with others in your household

· Obey all closures and restrictions

 `While on trails, make your presence known & step aside to let others pass

· Select alternatives to crowded areas.

· Be prepared for the absence of water fountains.

· Wash hands as directed by the CDC prior to and after visiting parks

 Parents are responsible to ensure that their children do the same.