hoksila@ci.lake-city.mn.us 651-345-3855
2500 North Hwy 61
Lake City, MN  55041


Nestled in a grove of pines, this is the perfect place for an outdoor wedding, renewal ceremony, baptism, family celebrations or to enjoy the scent of pine needles.  The chapel is open 8 am till 10 pm and has electricity.  Reservations can be made by calling the park office.  If you wish to tour park facilities from mid Oct. till mid April call to set up time to meet with park manager.  From mid April till mid October staff is on the grounds.  The park has a dining hall/events facility that can seat up to 200 guest and screened shelters for smaller gatherings.  The hall is located on the banks of the Mississippi River overlooking Lake Pepin.  All facilities are within walking distance of the chapel.  Lake Pepin is the widening of the Mississippi River.   Weddings must be booked through park staff.  Guest cannot use the online booking system when scheduling events.

 Hok-Si-La has a mosquito control program: Call for more information.